Ask a friend what they know about Pilates and their response may be, "Isn't that some sort of stretching, like yoga?" or, "my gym has that class, it's mostly crunches." 

Pilates is not yoga or crunches and at Raise the Barre your instructor is trained in both the original, Classical Pilates method as well as contemporary variations of Pilates that make this total body exercise system accessible to every body.

So what is this original, Classical Pilates system all about, you ask? Well, Joseph Pilates was once a sickly child and studied physical fitness to cure his ailments. He grew up to be a boxer, gymnast and self defense instructor who developed the system while detained in an internment camp during World War I, helping to improve the health of other internees. After emigrating to the United States in 1926 he opened a fitness studio beside New York City Ballet and his method quickly gained favor in the dance community. George Balanchine was one of many dancers who studied with "Joe" and he also had him train the ballerinas at New York City Ballet.

You do NOT need to have any dance experience to reap the many benefits of practicing Pilates. This low-impact method of exercise will help you gain strength, stabilize your core, stretch your entire body, improve your posture, alleviate pains caused by poor posture or compensation and so much more.

Pilates Mat Class w/Deep Stretch - Mondays 7:30 to 8:30 PM - $15 Drop-in. Open to Teens and Adults, join us at New England School of Dance