Barre Fitness may be all the rage right now, but with her expertise rooted in ballet and Pilates, we believe you can take a barre class or you can really Raise The Barre with Kayla!


​​​​​Grace. Strength. Endurance. Sweat. Rhythm. Stretch. If these things are what you're looking for in a workout, you must try Kayla's signature barre class! Working through a safe progression, this class moves from Pilates-based warm-up exercises to ballet barre work with fitness flare and finishes with yoga-inspired stretches. Set to upbeat music, this class is not a ballet class but will leave you feeling as long and as strong as a ballerina! Modifications are provided for all levels - No dance experience required. 

Currently, barre classes are being scheduled as special events and private parties. If you're interested in planning a private party with friends, interested in semi-private barre classes or on-site corporate classes please contact for availability.​